Monday, July 05, 2004

What a swizz!

I picked up my prize today. I was expecting the full boxed set of all the Friends DVD's. Instead, I got series 2. Oh well, better than nothing I suppose. And the niece will like them.

On a plus note, the 'you need to toe the corporate line' boss has left. He handed in his notice, and was gone by lunch time! It's all a bit weird - he says he is going consulting, so he has to leave because he will be going to a competitor. However, he actually doesn't have anywhere to go. He has handed in his notice, with no definite job to go to. So he says.

And aren't consultants supposed to get paid the outrageous amount they do because of their experience? He is 25. He has 4 years experience, and only in banking risk. I can't imagine he will be getting much work.

So, it seems a bit dodgy to me. But then I am just suspicious.

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