Thursday, July 15, 2004

When will she realise?

Just got off the phone to my mother. God she so drives me mad sometimes.

I told her about my day at work yesterday, and how it hadn't gone well, and how I am looking for another job.

"So where will you live then?" - erm, where the job I get is based.

"So where is that then?" - erm, I haven't actually been offered a job yet.

"So where is the job you've applied for?" - FFS, I haven't applied for any, I have sent my CV to an agency who will send it to the places that are looking my type of skills, which happen to be all over the country.

The most ridiculous question though was "What does X say?". "What does X say about what?" "Oh, you haven't talked to him about it?" "Well no, it's nothing to do with him?"

Although now I have thought about it, from her point of view it's not a stupid question. I am going to talk to X about it because he can get me a job with his company, and we can move back in together and live happily ever after.


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