Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Going to be interesting tomorrow - at 9 am I have my 6 month review. It will be with big boss J. I am not one of her blue-eyed little girls. Also, for most of the year she has had no clue what I have been doing, but unfortunately for her, D has resigned and dumped all this on her.

We had to get feedback from 3 people who we work closely with. I chose A, who I get on really well with not just work but also socially. I also chose K, who is one of works good guys, without whom the company would fall apart but always gets passed over for promotion because what he does is seen as 'business-as-usual', and he doesn't get involved in lots of 'new' projects. I also chose The Arsehole.

Well, I have received the feedback from A and from K. It is very reassuring that the two statements say almost the exact same thing - at our work feedback is supposed to contain 'things to continue to do to continue to delight' (barf!) and 'things to develop'. It is quite clear that they both had no trouble with things for the first one, and were really struggling to put things in the second (even down to K admitting the one thing he did put there was down to the structure change, and nothing to do with me).

The Arsehole hasn't sent me the feedback. I can only assume he has sent it straight to J. Shame. I would have liked to have seen it in advance.

Also, what is particularly bad, but wonderfully wicked is I know exactly what A has written fot his feedback. And it's almost the exact opposite of what she put on mine. She really struggled on the 'things that delight' section.

Interestingly, The Arsehole hasn't asked me for my feedback.

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